Sunday, April 10, 2016

Goddess Public Skype ID

I am available on Skype.  At my discretion of what your wallet has to offer. 

Reach me at: msfetishminx

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ebony Financial Mistress Collars Slave

Wouldn't it be a wonderful  opportunity to kneel humbly before me as my pathetic white bitch?  My collar clamped around your neck so I can lead you around as my exhibit of devotion and unyielding service?

You white boys are slut pigs in my opinion. If it wasn't for your money I would not bother with you bitches.  I love fetish phone sex interracial humiliation.  It is so entertaining having you whimper and BEG for my abuse while taking your money.  My sass and intelligence is no match for a pussy like you.  Why not be my hoe? The wife or girlfriend don't know what you need, I do.  My spit is the only thing that should quench your thirst and the filth in my toilet or beneath my heels will suppress your hunger.

Yes, bitch.  You need an ebony mistress to keep you locked away in a cage while she lives a wonderful life with her lovers and friends.  Your disgusting dick will remain in chastity 24/7 while I fuck my big black stud in front of you.  This is just a glimpse inside my evil mind.....

Yea you are no match for me boy.  It's best you whip out that credit card and march your pathetic ass over to my investment and spending website.  You will be directed on how to speak with me live and possibly become my owned and collared bitch! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Does It Turn You on To Give a Powerful Black Woman Your Money?

Hi Loser. Yes, I'm talking to you.

You're a loser because the only way  you could find this website is if you were looking for a financial domination mistress. I highly doubt you plugged golf tournaments, cigar clubs, or yacht docks in the search engine box and stumbled across my little corner of the internet. Welcome to my world!  I'm about to teach you a few things you probably didn't know.

For one, financial domination, money slavery, findom (they all are one in the same) isn't for every submissive male. It's perfectly ok to be submissive and not spend your money in massive sums.  A lot of guys find this fetish to be obnoxious, ridiculous, and lazy.  The idea of giving a lady as myself their hard earned money is beneath them.  It's totally ok if you feel this way.  Feel free to keep reading or move in another direction.  The first thing you will notice about me is I don't demand anything. I'm very laid back, cool, and deal with situations as is.  When I tell a man what I want it's simply just that. If he doesn't do it, I consider him not to be worth my time.  Of course I chat with guys who have a slew of fetishes from all over the world. My fetish phone sex line is perfect for those who want to candidly discuss what makes them tick in the bedroom.  You may be heavily into sucking off other married men, wearing panties (crossdresser), secretly desire to actually be a woman (feminization), CBT/key holding, golden showers, foot fetishes, CFNM and more.  Trust me, I'm pretty open around these parts and not judgmental.

Still with me? Sweet.  Money slavery is my fetish of choice.  I enjoy seducing men for their money because it is the single most and ULTIMATE sacrifice a guy can make.  Not only does it create the balance of me as in charge and you as my bitch, BUT, you will quickly embrace the dynamic of the situation.  It's not like when your wife actually gets you to take out the trash after asking only once.  Perhaps that day you simply didn't feel like hearing her bitch so you got it over with.  Yes, I'm very aware that men choose to be assholes.  Weak women don't understand that men ignore simple requests to throw their testosterone around.  You don't like to feel you aren't in control, so dismissing small, trivial requested tasks become monumental milestones for your ego.  By the way...your ego isn't welcome here.  Arrogance is a no no as well.  I don't anticipate for you to be a brainless idiot.  Teaching you to be obedient yet reigning in your will to rebel is such a turn on.  A turn on for myself and you.  The more you find yourself saying yes to me vs. rebelling like a three year old the more you will give.  It's pretty much just that.  There isn't a secret formula for financial domination.  It requires two things, your eagerness to submit, and money.  Wait let me address that.

When I say money, I don't mean five dollars a week either.  There is a lot of sacrificing on your part. Does this mean you should spend to the point of being destitute no.  Personally, if it means you must sacrifice something such as your kids college education, I wouldn't want the money.  For the years I have engaged in this fetish, I have always kept  clear conscious.  I don't think any fetish should be self damaging to yourself or anyone equally important to you.

Don't take that lightly though.  I don't tolerate excuses.  An assessment is made of your finances from day one. 

So how do you start?  Contact me with an initial tribute.  My financial domination website has information on how to do that.  I require a certain process because one, I don't accept money from every little slimy thing perusing the net.  It cuts down on wasted time, and men who think this is an exchange of service.  What you give me is what I deserve.  Of course you can purchase worn items such as panties, bras, and socks. You can also request custom fetish audio clips and as I aforementioned fetish phone sex calls.  However, I don't do fetish videos as much as I used to.  I've reached a point in life that it doesn't intrigue me as much but for the right price I might oblige.  Oh, before I forget, you can always send your money anonymously via the third party links to the left of this page.  Yes, up in the upper left corner? The buttons with dollar amounts attached? If you feel like.... hey this is one awesome minx I'll send her a thousand or two-- just do it there.  A lot of you may be corporate professionals and until you are comfortable with the idea of spending excessive amounts you want to start slow.  Which is totally ok.  You don't need to introduce yourself, send an email, or let me know who you are.  I receive a lot of money from men who have never so much as said hi to me.  The idea of being so weak turns them on and that is the way to scratch their itch.  Sexy right?

See you on the other side jerk monkey.